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Claremont United Methodist Church

Our new toll-free phone number: 844-251-6335

New email addresses are now in use!

* Mark Wiley:

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* Jessica Johnston: EITHER or

Previous “.org” address will continue to function for a short time. It is our plan that they will then reappear at a later date when our web-hosting has been updated.

Our Sunday Schedule


  • 9:30 a.m.

Sunday School

  • children leave from worship

  • adults ~10:30 a.m.

Young Adult Fellowship

  • ~10:30 a.m.

Youth Fellowship

  • 6:00-7:30 p.m.

60-Minute Election Day Countdown!

Join the Church and Society Committee on October 2, 2016, at 11:00 a.m. after church as we review in 60 minutes (or less?) the plethora of propositions California voters face on Election Day, plus one facing only LA County voters!
Pastor Mark will moderate and be time keeper as fellow-members present, among them
Dan Domonoske, Sara Domonoske,Jim Dwyer, Ed Hume, Susan Hume Robin Rhodes, Constance Waddell, Anita Zachary.
We plan to address 5 propositions with 5 minutes or less per proposition and 3 with 1 1/2 minutes or less, leaving roughly 15 minutes for discussion or questions about other propositions or election issues.
Chrck out some voters’ guides from outide institutions by clicking the orange button below— as wel an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about a “Methodist Movement” in U.S. politics!

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Other Weekly Events

  • Choirs, Music, Dance & Theater programs for children & adults

  • Study & Fellowship Groups

  • Preschool for ages 2-5

  • Service & Social Witness Events

Where We Are

  • Claremont United Methodist Church

  • 211 W. Foothill Blvd.

  • Claremont, CA 91711

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Our Pastors and Church Office

Our Mission Statement

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are an inclusive community, responding to God’s love and grace.
  • We nurture one another on our spiritual journeys.
  • We work for peace and justice.
  • We serve others and God’s creation.
Together we seek God’s creative transformation of the world and of individual hearts.

—Adopted by CUMC Church Council, 2009

We are part of the CalPac Conference

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The vision statement of California Pacific Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church: “Inspiring the world as passionate followers of Jesus Christ so all may experience God’s life-giving love.”

We are a Reconciling Congregation

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As faithful disciples of Jesus and His teachings, we advocate for the full inclusion and acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons and their families in the church and community.

We Affirm God’s Covenant with the Jewish People

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The Claremont United Methodist Church publicly states its affirmation that Judaism is a continuing bulwark of faith, that it has not been superseded by Christianity, that God has not rejected the Jewish people, that the Jewish people have never lost their covenant with God, that salvation is available to Jews as a covenant people, that the Jews as an historic nation are not responsible for, and therefore not to be blamed for, the death of Jesus, and that Jews should not be pressured to convert to Christianity
Furthermore, we state that anti-Judaism in ail forms should be universally condemned. We ask forgiveness for past sins and persecutions against the Jewish people. We pray that old barriers to communication and understanding will be removed and that the relationships of this church with the congregation of the local Jewish community will be enhanced.

Approved by the Administrative Board, 1/19/1993.

As part of the United Methodist Church we Respect Islam and Oppose Discrimination against Muslims.

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“The United Methodist Church, in the knowledge that Jesus calls us to the blessings of peacemaking and reminds us that the highest law is to love God and neighbor, calls its members and its leaders:
  1. To oppose demagoguery, manipulation, and image making that seeks to label Arabs and Muslims in a negative way;
  2. To counter stereotypical and bigoted statements made against Muslims and Islam, Arabs and Arabic culture;
  3. To increase knowledge of neighbor by study and personal contact that yield a greater appreciation of the Muslim and Arabic contributions to society;
  4. To act decisively to include Arabs and Muslims in interfaith and community organizations;
  5. To pray for the perfection of community among us and to participate fully in the process of bringing it into being; and
  6. To publicly denounce through statements from the Council of Bishops and the General Board of Church and Society current practices that discriminate against this community.”
Excerpted from 2012 United Methodist Book of Resolutions, Social Principles, ¶ 162B Cf. ”What We Believe”
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