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Dios es Amor congregation, Tijuana

View Palm Sunday worhsip (en español) from Dios es Amor partner church here:


Some recent photos provided by Al Streyfeller follow.

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"El Faro" — "the Lighthouse" ministry at the US-Mexican border

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El Faro — The Border Church

The youth of our congregation recently stepped in where some of the older members of the congregation have been going for some time. For several years Claremont United Methodist Church Missions Commission has participated in ministry at the Mexican-U.S. border in a program initiated by the Methodist Church of Mexico’s Northwest Mexico Conference and the United Methodist Church’s California-Pacific Annual Conference and overseen by a "Joint Commission". Finances and personnel are also provided by the General Board of Global Ministries

Friendship Park, where the ministry provides for an international celebration of holy communion every Sunday, recently celebrated 47 years of its existence. (In 1971 Pat Nixon inaugurated the surrounding area on the U.S. side as “Border Field State Park.” She specifically requested her security detail to cut the barbed wire then delineating the border to allow people to greet one another and expressed the hope that secured borders would be eliminated in the near future. Obviously her hopes were not fulfilled.)

Photos from the youth’s recent trip to El Faro: The Border Church/ La Iglesia Fronteriza are provided here. Further photos of the park and border and of other participants from the U.S. and Mexico as well as a much longer-thn-usual reflection on the border ministry can be viewed in this article recently published by United Methodist News Service.

The congregation's next trip to the border is scheduled for Sunday, Novemeber 12